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With the best regards to all of our honourable clients and members. As you know we are now a developing country, so as we are serviving to achieve our skills around the world. Technology is improving day by day and we are not out of that. So we are always trying to build up our technical and mechanical business, more economical and easier than ever. We supply all kinds of machineries with latest technology, we have skilled worker with the efficiency of engineering technique, which help your business to fix and get the perfect solution just in time. We care about you and our commitment.


Shamsar Ali


Speech of Admin

With the best regards to all of our clients and members In the world. Hope you’re are doing well. May Almighty bless us all. We know that we live in a developing country. We should develop our country together by doing something good. I always want to give good services. I want to give 100% technical and mechanical support to you all with honesty. Honesty is one of the greatest virtues. An honest behavior is regarded highly not only today but in all ages. Please, believe us. Do contact with us. Make the best contract with us and we’ll give you the best.

Thank you all.


Tanzim Mia


Our Services

– Boiler Installation, Repair & Maintenance.
– Boiler Supply.
– All kinds of pipe, fittings, Valve, supply.
– All kinds of pipe line erection, fitting
– Steam Recovery supply and installation condense unit fixing and installation.

Save energy save money

– Boiler Flu-gas re-cycling by economizer.
– Steam condense recover unit.
– Steam pipeline perfect design then properly       installation
– Using proper material and metal and operating by skilled worker..

Our Support

– Petro Bangla Subsidiary ’’Titas Gas’’ pipe line construction work.
-Ad-Din Hospital pvt. Ltd. (Khulna)
– Abul Khair Tobacco Company Ltd. Noakhali Factory & Rangpur Factory.
– Bangladesh Refinery (Chittagong)

Contact Us

Head Office

PHONE: 7632159.
MOBILE: 01711545144, 01711345182, 0171429332, 01718117880

Area Office

Kumargara, BSCIS, Kushtia-7000